Go Slow!

KEEM believes in slowing down! And by doing so we can make more ethical fashion choices, better for people and the planet!

  • Pro Slow!

  • Quality

  • Longevity

  • Personalisation

  • Natural Production

  • Fair Trade

  • Zero Waste

  • Low Carbon Footprint

  • Closed Loop Process



KEEM believes in 100% transparency and traceability. Customer, designers and manufacturers can support each other to create a more ethical fashion industry. Below are some thought provoking and informative links. Please get in touch with more links to add to this list!




All natural fibres bespoke KEEM designed jacquard textile (Silk, Wool and Cotton) has been woven by the long established UK mill, Stephen Walters & Sons with CAD and textile development support from DASH+MILLER. It has been such a great experience working with them! Although this is an all natural fibre textile, I was unable to supply organic yarns or peace silk. With company development, I will be in a position to purchase the quantities needed of organic yarn with which to supply the mill.


KEEM only uses 100% GOTS certified Organic Cotton woven and knitted fabrics from fair trade farms in Turkey. Aegean cotton is the most premium Organic Cotton I have sourced so far.

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KEEM has sourced handloom woven Peace Silk or Ahimsa Silk from an ethical supplier in India, who is dedicated to non-violent methods of silk fibre production as well as eco-friendly dyeing methods.


All Organic Cotton has been harvested from fair trade farms in Turkey and woven in compliance with GOTS regulations. The entire textile supply chain (ecological and social criteria) has been certified.

Pure Organic Peace Silk, Wild Silk and Organic Cotton has been woven on handlooms in a small Indian village, Nuapatana, East India. The handloom industry in Nuapatana provides employment for over 1,000 families and is run by a non-profit organisation with a dedicated fair trade work culture.


KEEM uses 100% natural Japanese Cupro (recycled pre-consumer cotton remnants) and 100% Bremsilk (when 100% Cupro is unavailable), mother of pearl and shell buttons and YKK zips. 100% mohair cord is used for garment drawstrings with metal endcaps. Polyester thread is currently used while factories using organic thread are being sourced.



Toiles are constructed in Organic Cotton and waste is collated for personal soft sculpture creative projects (photos to come). Every effort has been made to source recycled YKK zips, however MOQ currently exceed the company’s budget and orders. Sample garments are constructed in County Wicklow, Ireland and London, UK. Fair trade volume production is currently under research.

KEEM uses recyclable paper swing tags attached with 100% mohair cord. Printing is by inkjet method and cartridges are recycled. Recycled card tags will be used for future volume orders.

It is my deepest wish to achieve a zero waste, closed loop design/production set-up while researching new textiles and technologies which benefit creativity, fair trade working culture, customer and environment, such as BioCouture, Milk Protein, Pure Bamboo (not reliant on chemical process), Lotus Stem Fibre (naturally waterproof) and Synthetic Spider Silk