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Aesthetic Mind x KEEM

16 June 2016

Hello everyone!

I had a meeting with Denise Thomas – Founder of KEEM., The new Irish eco-luxury fashion brand, the new collection of contemporary coordinates and outwear to combine with any outfit.


Inspired by Keem, Achill Island on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean – awesome seascapes and emotional landscapes – a sensory reminder is created in natural fibres, certified organic cotton and 100% faux fur ethical luxury. KEEM evokes rural states of mind – meandering freedom, human discovery and universal perspective – for urban living and reflection

The brand is inspired by the small Island in Achill Ireland, Keem. Denise said it was love at first trip there! She told me all about the Island and the textures amongst the landscape which she got her inspiration from.  She designed and sampled for the collection of separates and outerwear which features the pattern of dry stone walls. “I’ve taken quite literal inspiration from the land- and seascapes there with regard to the luxurious all natural fibre textile.” Denise has studied Fashion Design at Sallynoggin CFE and has worked alongside the seamstress Lennon Courtney. Denise has also interned with the designer and stylist Alison Conneely. She previously worked in both graphic design, photography. She has recently finished a degree in Business in Entrepreneurship at IADT and now has just created her very own 6 piece collection. They have already been sampled and photographed for ecommerce and press and is hopefully soon to be stocking Om Diva, Not Just A Label and Wolf & Badger in September 2016. She will also be stocking in MADE,  on the top floor of Powerscourt from mid August/September 2016. The KEEM brand is a unisex brand with premium fabrics. The garments will be ethically manufactured in Ireland.

Check out her collection which I helped her style. Hope you love it xx

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